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Arrowhead Chorale


Become a sponsor or a friend of the Arrowhead Chorale. Your tax-deductible contribution will help the Arrowhead Chorale achieve our short and long term goals including:

  • Commissioning new choral works
  • Bringing guest artists to the region
  • Increasing collaboration with area arts organizations
  • Producing professional CDs
  • Expanding our audience
  • Adequately rewarding our staff and chorale members

If you would like to contribute, you may do so via PayPal below or mail us a check with your tax-deductible contribution. We will list donor names on this website and in our program; when making your donation, please indicate how you would like your name(s) to appear in the "Please list name(s) as:" field. Please make checks payable to: Arrowhead Chorale.

Support Us
Please list name(s) as:

Thanks to these friends of the Chorale for helping make our goals reality:

Brad and Dawn Anderson
Mary Aufderheide
Robert Ballou
George and Velda Bell
Samuel Black and Kathy Stinnett
Emilie Bowman
Paula Bowman
Patrick and Jennifer Boyle
Mike and Olivia Buncher
John and Maryjane Burdge
Gregory and Julie Ciurleo
Patricia Dorn
Craft and Ellie Dryer
Rick Edwards and Cathy Schuyler
Greg and Nancy Francisco
Tom Griffin and May Pat Renaud
Harley Hanson

Robert and Eleanor Hoffman
Philip and Judith Holbeck
Thomas and Karen Holm
Bob and Carol Kelley
George and Jane Killough
Charlyne Lemons
Robert and Ann Mars
Susan Masterson
Jim Olson and Jillian Godfrey
Rick Sailstad and Jody Ondich
Mary Van Evera
Marcia VanCamp
Candace Wegerson
William and Martha Witrak
Stanley and Mona Wold
Kirby and Cathy Wood


Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

The February concert is funded in
part by the John T. & Elizabeth C.
Adams Arts Fund of the Duluth
Superior Area Community Foundation.


Arrowhead Regional Arts Council

The 2016-2017 Season is made possible
in part by the voters of Minnesota through
a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts
Council, thanks to appropriations from the
Minnesota State Legislature’s general and
arts and cultural heritage funds.



Depot Foundation



Lloyd K Johnson Foundation








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