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Arrowhead Chorale

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For Tickets!


We are working on making the ticket process easier!

You can always send us a check, and we are happy to send you a paper ticket.
But you can also, now, buy your tickets here on line.  Click on the tab on our site that says "Tickets".  You will see that you can purchase a single ticket for any of our concerts, and although this is Paypal, you can also just use a credit card.  So give it a try!  We are hoping that this is now up, working, and easy.

You will get an email that confirms that the payment is received.  This is your ticket!! So print that email, and bring it to the concert.  We are going to track how many folk use the online ticket purchases, so we look forward to seeing you do this successfully!  Thanks.
Join us this year!  Good music is coming your way...




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