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Arrowhead Chorale

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Costumes in progress


Dancers for the Court

Lord and Lady Northwoods, Sir Stanley and Lady Marcia, Lord and Lady Pinetree

As we get some of these done, we will add costume photos. We are going to have some gorgeous people to see–and hear, too, in case you are interested! For our Elizabethan Dinner…

Cathy getting one last fitting. Lady Catherine Pinetree in creation!

We are sewing like mad!

Just a few samples of the work in progress. Elizabethan Costuming for 24 adult singers and 6 young people is a LOT of costuming. Thanks to the people who are standing long hours, adapting patterns, finding great bargains in fabric, and making gorgeous things. We are not done, so if you sew and want to help, we sure do want to hear from you!! A few samples here…

Rachel hamming it up as a beautiful peasant!

Jane as Lady Jane Northwoods

Doug as Lord Douglas Northwoods



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