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Arrowhead Chorale

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As the New Season Approaches


Music is coming your way!

The Board and Artistic Director of the Arrowhead Chorale are just about done finalizing the program for 2012-2013! We are very excited about the music we will be bringing your way. Stay tuned for an announcement very soon!

In the meantime, we are getting ready to send out our invitations to you for participating in our season. Can you donate money? What about an item for a raffle or a silent auction? Would you place an ad in our annual program?


The truth is, this amazing choral ensemble would not be able to function without your generosity and support.

So pop into our easy to use donation page and send us a simple donation. We should also, shortly, have a way for you to do this monthly, with an automatic withdrawal from your bank. Regular, sustaining support makes out cash flow work wonderfully, and is easy for you.

Thanks again for being our supporters, audience, and friends. Stay tuned–more to come!



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