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Arrowhead Chorale

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From the Sea


The Arrowhead Chorale concert “from the sea” march 3-4

Tall Ships in Duluth

You should be keeping an eye on the dates. The reason? On March 3-4 you will want to plan to attend one of the performances of the Arrowhead Chorale concert “From the Sea” . Performances are Saturday, March 3 and Sunday March 4 at 7:30 PM each evening. Join us at Sacred Heart Music Center for a lovely evening. Tickets are $16 for adults, $6 for college age, and are free for K-12 children.

Join us in celebrating our Great Lakes, the people who work and live on them, and the wonder of the mighty oceans of our globe. We will share music with you ranging from sea shanties to ballads, classic works about those gone to sea, anthems in honor of our seafaring military, and a special piece, commissioned for the Arrowhead Chorale called “Ships of the Great Lakes”.

You have a special opportunity on Saturday, March 3, to have dinner at Valentini’s Vincino Lago at a discount, take a free bus up to the concert, have concert and dessert there, and take the bus back to your car at Valentini’s. Contact the restaurant for reservations! 218-728-5900

We hope to see you there! Any questions? Call us! We are happy to answer them. You will find us at 218-733-7521.



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