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Arrowhead Chorale

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A trip with the Coast Guard on the Alder


The Arrowhead Chorale is in the process of working on its repertoire for the March 3-4 concerts "From the Sea".  As we are working on these concerts, we are also talking to various groups in the area that actually work on our Great Lakes.  The Coast Guard has been very helpful in communicating with us, and last week board members were invited to join them for their last ice-breaking cruise for the season on the Duluth Harbor. Needless to say, we were very excited! 5 of us ended up joining them at 6:45 AM January 18th.

The USCG Alder on the Duluth Harbor

The Alder is a beautiful, sturdy ship of 125 feet.  We were very impressed with the careful, thorough, precise work of the 50 person crew. Commander Ellen Durley answered dozens of questions with grace, and her crew showed us what they were doing, pointed out interesting activity of ice (who knew that physics was so essential to all this?), how the instruments worked,  and various activities on deck  (we mostly stayed warm on the bridge).  We watched the Edwin H. Gott come under the lift bridge, as the last incoming vessel for the shipping season.  We had already made several passes through the harbor, and made it possible for the Gott to come to the dock near the windmill area.  The Gott will now winter in Duluth.

We will be singing the Coast Guard anthem, Semper Paratus, and an arrangement of "Home From the Sea" that is a special favorite of the Coast Guard personnel.  There will be other wonderful repertoire with a focus on water, the ocean, the Great Lakes, and all those who live and work on them. Included will be our own especially commissioned piece by Janika Vandervelde called "Ships of the Great Lakes", which uses names of various lakers, salties, and other Great Lakes vessels in the lyrics.

So you will want to join us!  Stay tuned for more information about this special concert!

A few more photos...

Ice at the mouth of the St Louis River, about 10 inches thick

The Edwin H. Gott arriving early morning, January 18, 2012, in the Duluth Harbor

Commander Durley from the Bridge of the Alder

Archive photo of the Alder with the James Barker



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