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Arrowhead Chorale

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A Delightful Victorian Holiday!


It is always a charming and quirky time when the Arrowhead Chorale starts rehearsals each season. Usually the leaves are crisp and orange, the smell of smoke and apples and fall is in the air, and we are singing Christmas music!

But things are changing now. We have had some snow, some bitter winds, and those grey skies of Minnesota that tell us that Christmas really is upon us. And so singing about the waiting and the hoping that are as much a part of the holiday preparations as the joy and the wonder seems just about right.

We have wonderful music to share with you this December. We also have a delightful story to tell! “A Victorian Holiday Dinner” is a theatrical charmer. The young Hartfields will be entertaining in their new mansion in Duluth, on Christmas Eve of 1897. They have invited Theodore Hartfield’s important business colleagues, as well as close friends and family. But Elizabeth Hartfield is known for having catastrophes at her parties, and this is no exception. Everything that can go wrong does. The saving grace for the party is the scheming of their butler, Merriman (although he does moan about his former employer, Lord March, a great deal) and their housekeeper, Mrs. Anderson. Between them, a lovely and musical time is had by all, and the dinner does, in fact, get served! Fully staged, with all the detail and grace of the Victorian era, this special music and theater in the Depot Great Hall is a must for this holiday season.

So get dressed up—put on that suit or tux, that long skirt, maybe even a little sparkle. Join us for a four course evening of good food, beautiful music, and a party that you will be happy you have attended!



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